Career Category - Arcanist

Arcanists are masters of energy and mana and can use them with much greater effect than other mages can even dream of. In particular the arcanist is the master of the extremly dangerous skill of tapping power from other realms and realities, a skill which more often than not can be a double edged sword to those brave enough to try and use it.

The numbers of arcanists have always been fairly small due to various unexplained instances over the ages claiming the most powerful or more often most arrogant.

There has always been much interest in the origins of this type of magical gamblers whose powers carry serious risks to weed out the foolish.

Perhaps this unstable nature of this career was the intention of the unknown founders of this school of thought who to this day are rumoured to wander the realms watching their pupils gain great power and then watch as this great power slowly destroys them.


Arcane                  Channel                 Fly
Manaburn                Manadraw                Manawave
Origins                 Realitygate             Slow
Spelldeflection         Tap                     Teleport
Untap                   Void Bolt