Career Category - Battlemage

Battlemages are the wizards of the battlefields. Aside from their normal studies, they have managed to learn the basic skills any warrior is using. Also they have invoked one or two interesting spells, able to help them when fighting other vermin for their goals. This type of mage only has the rudimentary spells usable by other magekin. He will never receive access to the greater grimoires teaching such forelorn castings as retain energy, create golem. But mostly his combat prowess is enough to stand against other mages, and his spellpower suffices to give him a little better stand against warriors. The class itself may not be all powerful - it cannot compare with either warrior or mage, but draws on the abilities of both of them.

"Specialisation brings weakness. But neither am I merely competent in all spheres. I am master of them ALL!"
- Dakkon, the Malevolent Spirit


Adrenal Moves           Bladeturn               Channel
Enhanced Damage         Gate                    Giant Strength
Mace                    Meteorshower            Parry
Prismatic Ray           Slumber                 Spelldeflection
Sword                   Unbalance