Career Category - Beastmaster

Beastmaster; half warrior, half ranger these people roam the countryside of the world living in perfect harmony with animals and nature.Their ability to blend with mother nature and use her powers is amazing and only surpassed by the great knowledge of the druids. Beastmasters are often if not always accompanied by their 'friends', the wild animals. They are a reclusive group and are renown for their skill in communicating with natures children. As a matter of fact some beastmasters consider themselves the rulers of their territory and will confront any person passing by without their consent.

Even less is known about the way a bestmaster is educated. But one thing everyone knows: A beastmaster will NEVER attack an animal, on the other hand, no animal would dare attack a beastmaster...


Animal Handling         Area Attack             Bear Call
Beastmastery            Call Companion          Decapitate
Disarm                  Riding                  Ropemastery
Tracking                Twohanded               Weaponlore
Whip                    Wolf Call