Career Category - Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters live by tracking down wanted criminals, bandits or other undesirables and bringing them to justice. By and large, to all but the criminals, this makes them a useful part of Ayreon's civilisation. Rewards may be offered by local rulers, clans or councils in an effort to dispose of brigands, rampaging goblin bands, or other troublesome creatures.

Occasionally, whole races or clans may be outlawed and subject to a bounty and, for a while, an area may draw bounty hunters from miles around. As being well skilled fighters, bounty hunters must be able to track their quarry without being thrown off the trail, and they tend to be single-minded, harsh and cynical. They are professional killers in every sense, and will not hesitate to resort to means which others might consider distasteful in order to dispatch their quarry. They are loners by nature, trusting no one and only seeking company where it may serve their ends.

Among poorer folk, bounty hunters are generally regarded with fear and distrust, since they are not unknown for turning in humble peasants, where the true quarry has eluded them. The authorities consider them a necessary evil, but never a welcome one.


Confuse Victim          Disguise                Futility
Maneuver in Armour      Mark Prey               Ropemastery
Seek Hidden             Seek Invis              Sense Prey
Stalk                   Strangle                Subdoing
Tracking                Whip