Career Category - Cleric of Kulthis

This does not stop Kulthis's minions from attempting to spread the word of their lord, nor from attempts to conquer lands near the empire of Lokatar. His priests and templars are in constant war with Antagil to the west, and with Ardun to the east, and they are forever devising ways into other realms, Ophir, Crescent, Ishikawa, Korum, and the undersea kingdoms. It is said that among the minions of evil, Kulthis's are the strongest, for their faith empowers them with various abilities concerned with elemental darkness as well as granting them the ability to manipulate the souls of their victims.


Aura of Doom            Ball of Darkness        Enhanced Damage
Gate                    Haste                   Heat Resistance
Identify                Prayer of Returning     Protection Good
Ropemastery             Sanctuary               Soulsucking
Strangle                Whip