Career Category - Cleric of Shorkam

Shorkam's priesthood is very active in spreading the word of their god, and are not above discrediting other gods, even those of Light, to increase their numbers. They are a mighty force to contend with, as individuals and as groups, and call upon the power of the sun to burn away the sins of their opponents. Shorkam's minions are enthusiastic in their pursuit of evil and will use their powers to stop and destroy the wicked wherever it might hide. This intense eagerness to battle Kulthis and his spawn borders on fanaticism, and not too few times have they crossed paths with other forces of the Light, to cause pain and misery among those who would be their allies.


Cosmic Fires            Enhanced Damage         Gate
Protection Evil         Punishment              Rain of Fire
Raise Hero              Restoration             Return Undead
Stun Relief             Suggestion              Summon
Sword                   Wrath