Career Category - Cleric of Wyome

Wyome holds no close association with any of the gods, save perhaps for Anue, ruler of seas and storms. Her most devout followers are like her in this respect, oftentimes shying away from 'civilized' areas to live in the forests and wilds which she calls home. Her priests are imbued with great powers to defend and spread her home, and if in cities will oftentimes be in the employment of parks, gardens, and zoos. (Although the keepers might wake one day to find the cages empty and their hired hands gone with the rest of the animals....)


Acute Vision            Balance                 Cancellation
Haste                   Healinglore             Natures Regeneration
Planting                Ray of Neutrality       Restoration
Return Undead           Robe of Nature          Sanctuary
Seek Trap               Waterproduction