Career Category - Conjurer

Conjurers; the powers of the planes harken to their call. This means they inherit spells enabling them to access channels, transfer energies, control the powers of other worlds and force them to their bidding. Receiving most of their magical powers from demonic planes, they have also been granted partial control over the element of lightning. In fact this magic resembles much the structures and spellweaving needed in such complex rituals as summon or the opening of demonic gates. Furthermore the conjurer is a master of disguise, able to blend with the plane he is in up to a degree that is barely discernible. On higher ranks a conjurer is able to hold control over more than one demon or demon-types of outer planes. Even on lower ranks he learns a ritual helping him to deal with the outerworldly creatures.


Banritual               Blindness               Blink
Channel                 Controlritual           Demonic Gate
Demon Mastery           Lightningbolt           Mindswitch
Origins                 Protection Elements     Selfcloaking
Selfkeeping             Summon