Career Category - Necromancer of Death

Necromancers have greater powers over the realms of life and death. Especially the fascination of death has compelled the people who research this branch of magics. Deathmagic includes all the wonderful and devastating spells known as powerwords. Moreover it grants control over the soul and soul power of any individual encountered, empowering the necromant by annihilating the victim. Sleep and Curses are very similar to the realm of death and soul, so the black magician will learn a bit about such process as well. Most dreaded power of the path of death for sure is the Word of Death, which will irrevocably force the victim to die within a short time.


Black Slumbers          Blindness               Control Undead
Curse                   Desintegration          Ghostform
Nexus                   Poison                  Preservation
Raise Dead              Soul Drain              Word of Death
Word of Discord         Word of Pain