Career Category - Dragon Ninja

The Dragon Ninja is an ancient and extremely secretive type of rogue that draws its powers from a far more mystical and spiritual source than its more materialistic fellow rogues. They are true masters of employing their whole body as a single weapon and so disdain the usage of anything in the hands and arms that impede their skills of body and mind.

It is not known how the first Ninjas learned to harness the power of the mythical world into its combat styles. However there are legends linking them to an ancient wanderer well versed in the arts of both combat and magical known to have taught several alleged ninjas. The few living Ninjas that allow themselves to be known serve as teachers in Belarion's mighty fighting schools and in fortress Ishikawa where many of its greatest figures have been said to have been dragon ninjas - though it is unlikely that this will ever be confirmed.

Dragon Ninjas are known to have no allegience to any god though do not normally begrudge those that have to rely on such things for aid. It is speculated by some that an active devotion to any god can disrupt the ninjas connection to their source of mystical energy. It may because of this that many ninjas do not join clans that are linked too heavily to immortals no matter how much their services might be desired. This means only the clans Tarealen and Ofcol are open for Dragon Ninjas to join.

The few known habits of these loners link them to remote places such as ancients woodlands and remote mountaons as few as able at survival in harsh conditions than the Dragon Ninja.

Only certain races are known to conform to the high standards of the ninja senseis. All the human and elves races fulfill those standards, including the two reinc elven races. Also halflings, cherubims, celestials and shapeshifters are known members of this secretive career.


Adrenal Dodge           Adrenal Speed           Adrenal Strength
Chi Fist                Climbing                Dragon Chi
Drug Tolerance          Fasthealing             Focus Chi
Fortitude               Mountainheart           Stunned Maneuver
Two Track               Whirlwind