Career Category - Enchanter

Enchanters are known for their control of permanent affects. Almost without limit in their duration, the permanency manipulations have many advantages to short-lived spell affects. Their durability gives them a more calculable substance. Enchanters can manipulate living and nonliving matter. Thus they have the ability to create powerful golems from different types of materials, they can use effects such as damage limiting magic, they can empower items, drain them of their effects and -at last- they control mighty globe spells of awesome protective worth. The more effective versions of combat magics are left a secret unknown to the enchanter. But who needs fireballs, if he can wield a hellfired dagger?


Charm                   Create Golem            Enchant Armor
Enchant Weapon          Enlarge                 Fly
Food Production         Globe of Power          Globe of Protection
Icebolt                 Opening                 Shrink
Water Production