Career Category - Footpad

Footpads and cut-throats are a menace in towns and on the road. They often act in groups, waylaying travellers or helpless passers-by. They prefer to avoid bloodshed unless absolutely necessary, but can fight ferociously, though they generally attack from ambush with an advantage of at least two to one. Most will normally only seek to disable their victim through a stunning blow to the head, but there are those known as cut-throats, who actually seek to kill those they rob. Mostly footpads earn their money these days by working for larger organisations which push merchants and rich people into paying 'protection money' and the like. As mentioned above, footpads like to bully their victims around more then killing them.


Beg                     Brawling                Bully
Cutthroat               Fasthealing             Frenzy
Intimidate              Mace                    Merchandise
Second Aid              Spike Attack            Strangle
Stunned Maneuver        Sword