Career Category - Hunter

Hunting is one of the oldest professions in the history of Ayreon. Each can follow and almost sense animal trails with uncanny precision, and is expert at the kill. The habits and habitats of wild animals are a part of their lives; they share uncommon affinity with the creatures of the wild and their ways. The hunter may appear sullen and uncommunicative to his fellow men, but this is the result of his solitary, stealthy lifestyle. Hunters stand out from the common hordes of Ayreon, and are often seen wearing skins of the animals they have killed. In colder climates, this has practical as well as symbolic value.


Animal Handling         Beartrap                Hunt
Lure                    Mark Prey               Riding
Ropemastery             Set Traps               Sense Prey
Skinning                Sling Trap              Spikehole
Tracking                Whip                    Wolfcall