Career Category - Invoker

Describing the arcane ways of direct access to the fields of magic. Boosting his powers and resources to unknown heights for a short time, manipulating the time fields of the lesser planes; these are the realms of the invoker, a magician who is mainly focused on direct magic. His control over creatures, binding magic and similar forces is small, if not totally gone. Instead he relies on his control over the forces which turn the world. Gravity is subject to his manipulations as well as the visible, time or space. Unlike other mages, the invoker has not found a means to transport matter to himself or open gateways to his victims, he turns himself into energy and travels there with the speed of light. At higher ranks invokers are known to gain access to vast realms of magic, bringing them practically endless sources of spellpower.


Arrow Storm             Bladeturn               Blink
Fly                     Gate                    Gravity
Invisibility            Mistform                Retain Energy           
Selfcloaking            Speed                   Spell Deflection        
Stunning                Teleport