Career Category - Minstrel

Often referred to as bard, the minstrel is a poet at heart. He rhymes, sings, develops tales, tells them and so forth. He is an artist. Due to their connection with other artists, especially carnival people, minstrels develop a certain proficiency for thieving skills. Also they are often found in taverns and bars, where they can spread their lore, improve their fame or simply gamble and waste time. Any minstrel has a repertoire of personal songs which he guards feverishly only exchanging them to his best friends. These lyrics have developed a near-magical life of their own happening to affect the audience and listening people. Thus minstrels are capable of weaving their own kind of magic.


Brawling                Cast                    Doublecross
Falsify                 Mathan                  Music
Play Instrument         Second Aid              Sing
Song of Ages            Song of Courage         Song of Dance
Song of Pain            Song of Peace           Strangle