Career Category - Pickpocket

Pickpockets are specialised thieves whose forte is stealing valuables from pockets and purses. The pickpocket is a regular curse in cities, and on crowded market days there can be any number of individuals or teams operating through the crowds. Cash, of course is the favourite, the most common technique being to cut the purse from the victim's belt with a small, sharp knife or straight razor. Jewellery has a high value, but is too often difficult to steal unnoticed and can be easily traceable which makes it difficult to dispose of without the help of a reliable fence who will probably rob the thief even more than the thief has just robbed the former, true owner.


Brawling                Cast                    Contortions
Doublecross             Identify                Locate Object
Mathan                  Merchandise             PickPocket
Smoke Bomb              Spike Attack            Staves
Steal                   Strangle                Sword