Career Category - Templar of Daghyld

Many of the goddess's followers are adept in the skills of war; even her priests ride and joust as knights can. Daghyld's followers are more likely to be templars than priests, however, and are found more often in large settlements than in wild areas. This is due to their wish to 'civilize' the world, to bring to it law and order, and is due also to their realization that such order many times cannot be brought along peacably. Nonetheless her followers are dedicated as well to honor and valour, and not infrequently have the forces of Light stopped just short of annihilating their opponents because Daghyld's knights would rather grant mercy than death.


Charge                  Combat Tactics          Coup de Grace
Guard                   Haste                   Holy Aura
Mend                    Polish                  Protection Evil
Riposte                 Shield of Daghyld       Shieldwall
Spear                   Swarm                   Warcry