Career Category - Trapper

Trappers are rangers exploiting the wealth of nature. They do not do so without caring for their flock and ensuring their employment ends by their own hunting but in total they are not the animal loving characters a normal ranger tends to be. They often have quarrels with beastmasters if they encounter one, but normally their skills allow them to stay out the way of an opponent unless he is caught in one of the many traps.

Trappers are adept at making a living in and from the wilderness. They can even produce smaller items, leathery armor from the hides of beasts and dragons.


Beartrap                Bear Call               Beheader
Capture Beast           Lethal Traps            Read Tracks
Ropemastery             Seek Trap               Set Traps
Skinning                Sling Trap              Spearline
Spikehole               Tripwire                Use Poison