Career Category - Necromancer of Unlife

Unlife is the second path of the necromantic ways. Some say it is the first for the powers of undeath are so promising to the weak and greedy. Within their obsession, the necromancers of unlife create armies, legions of undead. They have created abhorred rituals to take the lifeforce of the dead and transform it into their legions. These rituals can decide a battle for they are hard to come by and even harder to stand against. In their later days, those who study this path can become lich. A form of being where the necromancer gives up his life to join the world of the undead. His powers grow and only the forces of good and life can be strong enough to overcome such a cruel warlock.


Absorbtion Ritual       Animate Dead            Blindness
Clouds of Darkness      Combat Formation        Control Undead
Death Ritual            Form Undead             Nexus
Poison                  Preservation            Raise Dead
Undeath                 Unholy Reunion