Profession Category - Scribes

The scribe is a specialized kind of spellcaster who does not know any spells by heart but rather extracts spells from the various magic items he collects on his journeys. Spells from scrolls, staves, wands and potions can be analyzed and their formula written down to spellbooks, which form the scribe's repertoire of spells. Unlike every other profession, scribes do not specialize further by choosing a career.


Analyze Spell           Calligraphy             Cast
Dagger                  Dodge                   Hand to hand
Pentacen                Potions                 Projected light
Scribe                  Scrolls                 Second Attack
Spellbooks              Spelltransfer           Staff
Staves                  Teanga                  Wands

Available Careers

The scribe profession does not diversify into careers.