Race Category - Humanoids

The term "humanoid" refers to those species which resemble humans but which neither fit of a category of their own nor are any of the major races. Like humans they stand on two feet, have two arms and hands, have one head, etc. From a distance they may be mistaken for human. Close up, however, humanoids may differ as much from humans as they do one another. We have placed five races in this category: genies, half elves, halflings, ogres and orcs.


Genies are elemental crossbreeds of human and air. Their upper torso is usually the one of a good looking human while their lower body parts, beginning with the waist, seem to consist of whirling mists. Therefore they are always flying, moving with exceptional speed. Their hair and skin colour varies from shades of blue to white. It is obvious that these people are the outcome of a magical or even godly experiment. Though, as they are mostly good aligned, they seem to be no chaotic mutation. The Genies are a rather new race to the Midgaardians, as they have been spotted the first time only 20 years ago by some explorers, who were searching for Cherubim settlements in the mountains near the City of Korum. The Genies are known to be at very good terms with the Cherubim, as most Cherubim settlements are inhabitated by both Genies and Cherubim. These days, the Genies are often seen on the streets of Midgaard. Using their outstanding magical abilities to help the weak, the Midgaardians always give them a friendly welcome. It is still a mystery to the common man how the Genies increase their population, although both male and female are seen. A rumor tells that a male and a female Genie merge their minds together when the day has come, creating a new Genie. It is also heard that this procedure means death to one of the 'parents'.


Half-elves are the offspring of human and elven parents. They average six feet in height and weigh about 160 pounds. Long ago some elves decided to make a crossbreed with the humans to achieve 'the best of both worlds'. But their children did not feel familiar in either the elven or the human society. They live much longer than the humans, about 300 years, and tend to have the beautiful appearance of their elven part. Maybe this fact made the humans they live with jealous; many of them were expelled from their homes. On the other hand, the elves don't like the - in their eyes - too-short tempered and rough half-elves, but in most cases they at least tolerate them. Other half-elves are no children of love but the consequence of a rape. But although many half-elves are embittered about their situation, they all have the deep will to assert themselves in life. Fighting for their rights, today there are half-elves who are legendary knights or clerics in the world of Dawn of the Ages. As half-elves possess elements of both parents' heritages, they can be of any align or ethos, as their parents can be of any of the human and elven subraces.


Most halflings are about three feet tall and weigh 60 to 70 pounds. They are generally plump, with round, broad, and often florid faces. They have curly hair atop their heads and on the tops of their typically bare feet. The average life expectancy of a halfling is 150 years. Halflings are a sturdy and industrious people, generally quiet and peaceful. They enjoy all the creature comforts and while not overly ambitious, they are friendly and open. Their homes are well-furnished burrows, and most of their work is done out in the sunshine. Halflings get along well with the other races, including humans, and they can be found in practically any civilization. The most common halfling, hairfoots, prefer rural settings. They are practically-minded people, and there are many bakers, millers, farmers, and innkeepers in their society. Their complexions run from pale peach to ruddy to dark brown, and their eyes are usually dark brown or black. Their hair can be blond, brown, red, black and shades inbetween - though with few exeptions it is always curly. Hairfoots are distinguished from other halflings by their lack of facial hair. Most hairfoots are lawful good.


Ogres are gross, ugly humanoids who love to fight and kill. However, they are not particularly discriminating, and will lend their services to the highest bidder. They are not an overly cruel race, but they are brutal and have little respect for the weak or helpless. Formerly human, they were tainted in the unfathomably distand past by the effect of Chaos upon their northern homeland. Ogres were once as common as Nords, but now they are a rare and diminishing race. They live for eating and fighting, and their main god is called "The Great Maw". Although their digestive systems are puny compared to those of the Trolls, they will eat almost any animal or vegetable matter, and their terms for other races always translate into "food", "vittles" or some similiar term. Ogres are large humanoids, about 12 feet tall and almost as broad. Their bones are massive, and their entire skeleton is of heavy build, giving them a coarse appearance. Ogres are very well adapted to withstand cold and adverse conditions, with very few nerve endings or blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Their skin, which is almost as thick as that of a bull, is ususally a dark, dull, brown or grey colour and their coarse hair is normally black, grey or white.


Orcs are powerful warriors - the toughest of all the goblinoid races, and often install themselves as leaders of their weaker cousins. They are replusive monsters who love inflicting pain, and delight in cruelity and slaughter. Orcs are always fighting, and if they cannot find enemies to fight they will fight each other. The whole of orcish technology and culture is geared towards conflict. They are dangerous individual foes, but lack the organisation or motivation to present any long-term threat to humanity. Orcs are the largest of the goblinoid races, and can often reach almost seven feet in height. They are sturdy built, with crooked legs, and shambling, ape-like gait. Their arms are long, so that their huge hands almost reach the ground. Their faces are brutal with huge teeth and jaws, and their small piggy eyes peer from underneath ugly, overhanding bony ridges. Their skin often is of greenish or dark olive brown color, and is covered with warts, scars and filth.