Profession Category - Templars

Some fighting men ally themselves directly with one of the religious groups of Ayreon by joining a military order within their particular religion. As such, they become known as Knights of the Temple or Knights Templar. Templars may enter the service of a deity for a fixed period or, more often, for life. Sometimes a knight will become a templar for a time as a penance for oath breaking or for violating some other taboo. All military orders demand absolute obedience and a high standard of material prowess, that knights stay under the command of the temple authorities, and live within the temple precincts. It is their duty to provide guards for the temple and for important religious dignitaries, and to provide whatever military force might be required by the heads of the religion for the destruction of heresies, the prosecution of holy wars, and the protection of the faithful from persecution or infidel attacks.


Aid                     Armor                   Balm
Bless                   Cast                    Counter
Damnation               Diagnostics             Dodge
Enhanced Damage         Fasthealing             First Aid
Hand to hand            Holy Strength           Know Alignment
Mace                    Maneuver in Armor       Mathan
Meditation              Parry                   Polearm
Power Perception        Presence                Recall
Religious Doctrine      Rescue                  Resistance Disease
Riding                  Rochtlan                Scrolls
Second Attack           Shield Block            Stunned Maneuver
Sword                   Third Attack            Twohanded

Available Careers

Templar of Arduna       Templar of Daghyld      Templar of Dwaraur
Templar of Kulthis      Templar of Lothgul      Templar of Oonouyugh
Templar of Shorkam      Templar of Sscis