Profession Category - Necromancers

Necromancers are evil wizards, concerned with the magical power that can be drawn from the world of the dead. Necromancers can commune with the spirit of the dead, and may be able to summon undead creatures to do their bidding. Because of the nature of their work, necromancers are shunned by most people, hated and feared. Necromancers are never able to work openly except in the most decadent or lawless areas of Ayreon. Elsewhere, necromancers hide out in ruined villages and towns where the local cemeteries provide them with the raw materials essential to their disgusting art. Necromancers are invariably chaotic evil; no other character would dare dabble with the souls of the dead. Therefore no Necromancer is protected by the laws.


Atlantean               Cast                    Cold Resistance
Counterspell            Dagger                  Detect Magic
Directed Spells         Dispel Magic            Dodge
Drug Tolerance          Hand to hand            Identify
Jareng                  Leeching Strike         Lichan
Lifegain                Locate Object           Lost experience
Magical Ritual          Managain                Mana Shield
Pain                    Pentacen                Perasan
Power Perception        Recall                  Scrolls
Second Attack           Shatter Bones           Staves
Summon                  Trance                  Uruk
Use Poison              Vampiric Strike         Waiting Word
Wands                   Whip                    Word of Command
Word of Return          Word of Sleep           Wraithform

Available Careers

Assassin                Necromancer of Death    Necromancer of Unlife