Profession Category - Clerics

Any religious line sought by a cleric must stand in direct correspondence to his chosen faith. From his/her god will he/she gain the greater abilities and prayers to stand against the harder enemies of the god's faith. Of course such power brings a good deal of responsibility with it including a strict codex the person has to live up to.

A follower of a dark god could be requested to sacrifice his own blood twice a day, while a light deity might ask the rescue of an innocent. Etc. Whatever the cleric does, he may NEVER stray from his alignment and never forfeit the path of his god. This would result in a loss of faith, and a cleric without faith... well, it's like bringing a ball of straw to the red dragon. In order to obtain your career, you will have to ask your guildmaster about the god you are planning to follow. Note that you have to have the religion already and that you have to have a fitting alignment.


Aid                     Armor                   Balm
Bless                   Blinding Flash          Cast
Cook                    Dagger                  Damnation
Detect Curse            Detect Invis            Diagnostics
Disease Purification    Dispel Curse            Dispel Magic
Dodge                   First Aid               Flail
Food Production         Hand to hand            Healing
Herbs                   Holy Aura               Holy Strength
Know Alignment          Mace                    Mainistir
Maneuver in Armor       Mathan                  Meditation
Mend                    Parry                   Poison Purification
Power Perception        Projected Light         Quiet
Recall                  Refresh                 Religious Doctrine
Resistance Disease      Resistance Poison       Scrolls
Second Aid              Second Attack           Shield Block
Staves                  Surgery                 Undo

Available Careers
Cleric of Anue          Cleric of Arduna        Cleric of Celawyn
Cleric of Daghyld       Cleric of Digna         Cleric of Dwaraur
Cleric of Kulthis       Cleric of Lothgul       Cleric of Morruin
Cleric of Oneirion      Cleric of Oonouyugh     Cleric of Shorkam
Cleric of Sscis         Cleric of Vorgen        Cleric of Wyome