Profession Category - Rangers

Rangers are independent rural characters. Their lives may have been spent tending animals, or roaming the woodlands or mountains. Outdoorsman, hunters, masters of woodcraft, rangers are the guardians of the forests. In addition to having excellent fighting skills, they are also wielders of natural magics. Some rangers have been known to call upon the wilderness to aid their cause and be able to camouflage themselves beyond detection. Their ability to ambush opponents makes them deadly foes. Rumours tell that they practice their abilities in the forest west of Midgaard.


Ambush                  Awareness               Axe
Bark Skin               Bash                    Bow
Camouflage              Campfire                Cast
Climbing                Cook                    Counter
Dagger                  Diagnostics             Dodge
Eagle Sight             Enhanced Damage         Faerie Fire
Fasthealing             Fletching               First Aid
Fourth Attack           General Perception      Hand to hand
Herbs                   Long Eye                Loudless
Mathan                  Night Vision            Origins
Parry                   Read Tracks             Recall
Robe of Nature          Second Attack           Shoot
Spear                   Staff                   Stunned Maneuver
Sword                   Third Attack            Thornwall
Two Weapon Combo        Vanishing Path          Waterwalking

Available Careers

Beastmaster             Bounty Hunter           Hunter
Noble                   Outlaw                  Samurai
Scout                   Trapper