Profession Category - Rogues

Rogues are scoundrels, living by their wits day to day often to the expense of others. Not all rogues are outright criminals, but many of them possess a shady past they'd rather not have made public. Rogues have several special abilities which help them to survive the daily struggle in the crowded cities of modern times.


Adrenal moves           Appraisal               Backstab
Bow                     Circle                  Dagger
Dirt Kick               Disarm                  Dodge
Enhanced Damage         First Aid               Flail
Flash                   Hand to hand            Hide
Main gauche             Parry                   Peek
Pick Locks              Recall                  Second Attack
Seek Hidden             Seek Invis              Shoot
Sling                   Sneak                   Third Attack
Trade                   Trip

Available Careers

Amazon                  Assassin                Dragon Ninja
Footpad                 Minstrel                Outlaw
Pick Pocket