Profession Category - Wizards

Wizards command staggering energies and make dangerous opponents. The power to control magical energies comes from the mind and as such Intelligence is very important. All wizards have the ability to cast numerous offensive, defensive, and informative spells. Many make a career as adventurers, and use their talents to recover lost and forgotten magical lore, legendary magical items, and hopefully large sums of money. After a certain level a wizard may choose to specialise in a particular branch of magic (e.g. conjuration, invocation, enchanting to name the most common).


Acid Arrow              Atlantean               Cancellation
Cast                    Counterspell            Dagger
Deama                   Detect Invis            Detect Magic
Directed Spells         Dispel Magic            Dodge
Elben                   Empowerment             Familiar
Fireball                Forceshield             Guardian
Hand to hand            Haste                   Identify
Leviatation             Locate Object           Locate Person
Magical Ritual          Magic Missile           Pentacen
Perasan                 Portal                  Power Perception
Projected Light         Protection Magic        Recall
Returning               Scrolls                 Second Attack
Spellmastery            Staff                   Staves
Trance                  Underwater Breathing    Waiting Voice
Waiting Word            Wands

Available Careers

Arcanist                Battlemage              Conjurer
Enchanter               Invoker